My Tools List

My Tools List

Of course, this list is always in construction!

Desktop – PC


  • Evernote – Who doesn’t install this software? I really love Onenote from Microsoft and I am always switching between these two,  but the dynamics of Evernote are missing on Onenote, and the rich editor of OneNote is missing in Evernote. So, I use both.
  • Onenote – For professional note taking I think is the best one. You have it for Windows, Android and iOS. Again, is better than Evernote for big notes and rich editor, but not so good if you need integration with other tools, or you work a lot with small notes. Is becoming free on several operation systems.
  • Microsoft Office – There is no doubts Microsoft Office is a very powerful Office. I know, there are alternatives at the Open Source arena, but I couldn’t find anyone near Microsoft Office quality (besides price).
  • Windows Live Writer – For blog, I couldn’t find better. Too bad Microsoft discontinued the support for this tool, but is still the best one.
  • Lyx – Latex editor with Microsoft Word visual. I don’t want to start a war about the best latex IDE. I use this, just that.
  • Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari and Internet Explorer – Sometimes I need to develop HTML, I have to test at least on these 5 internet browsers.
  • WriteMonkey – When you want to write just text without distractions
  • Intellij – Because it is the best tool to develop first in Java, but Python, Scala, Web, JavaScript, Ruby and others as plugins are great in Intellij.
  • Eclipse – Best free IDE for Java. Thousands of plugins
  • Sql Developer – If you work with Oracle and don’t want to pay for Toad, this is the tool to use.
  • jDeveloper – There are development in Oracle SOA where this IDE is a requirement.
  • Visual Studio 2013 – The best IDE for developing Windows Technologies. The free Express editions are great and I have developed a lot of applications on these, including Windows Phone and Metro Apps.
  • Box – Great Cloud for business. Very customizable and easy to work with. Their web environment is becoming a work environment per si.
  • Dropbox – The cloud that every application connects as expected.
  • Google Drive – The google cloud.
  • Bitvise SSH – Tried other, but I am always returning to this SSH Client. Works great, open automatically an SFTP, very simple to work with.
  • Foxit Reader – For free, the most complete and easy to work PDF Reader. I like Nitro Pdf too.
  • Paint.Net – A free Photoshop for light users. Never needed nothing more sophisticated than this one.
  • Notepad++ – After all these years, simple, light very complete, enough for all my text work.
  • Snagit – How many manuals I created using this tool! Great screen, area, whatever image capture tool.
  • Camtasia – Like Snagit but for videos.
  • Q-Dir – The most simple replacement for Windows Explorer, and so useful!
  • TortoiseSVN – If you work with Subversion, I bet you have this tool.
  • TortoiseGit – Becoming more and more popular in Source Control world.
  • 7-Zip – Zip manager. You need it all the time.
  • LockHunter – Sometimes you need to know which process is blocking to delete a specific file.
  • Vim – For vi lovers.
  • Ditto – Clipboard Manager.
  • SourceTree – Good Distributed Version Control Client to manage Git projects.
  • Eraser – When you just want to really delete a resource.


  • VLC – Who doesn’t have it? I am always returning to this one.
  • Freemake Video Converter – You can find several free tools to convert videos between different formats. I have tried others, but this one it is very simple and you can just add a subtitle very easily.
  • Handbrake – A lot of people love this one.
  • Avidemux – When I want to see an AVI with PS3, but the size is above 4Gb, this tool just saves my day. Cutting, filtering and encoding.
  • Sublight – You nedd subtitles you need this tool.
  • Kindle – I have it in all my devices. I can read at home, train, when drinking a coffee after lunch.


Tablets, Smartphones and Mac… soon!