Video about Science Of Persuasion


If you are a team leader, project manager, negotiator you must understand how to apply these principles. This theory could be applied to any area, but in the world wide IT management it’s a must, for instance if you are a  developer and  you are overloaded and need to persuade a project manager or business manager, or even someone needing for a promotion, making a presentation… well, if you need a YES to something, learn these skills, learn to apply them to your situation and the probability of your success will increase too! Be wise!


Animation describing the Universal Principles of Persuasion based on the research of Dr. Robert Cialdini, Professor Emeritus of Psychology and Marketing, Arizona State University.

The twin paradox

One of the most fascinating things to me are the paradoxes. Its something that’s true but its false, its something that’s right but it’s wrong, it’s something that it is not!

There are a lot all around us, and I will try to show some of them in future posts.

Lets see one very simple:

How many of you have already seen a page in a book with the sentence:

“This page was intentionally left blank”

This is a paradox! If the page was really blank there were no words in it. But the words are in it to say it, but they say the opposite. We understand it, but the meaning it is true and it is at the same time false.

The video below show the twin paradox. See if you understand it. (Clue: They are twins but…)

Physics in a Minute: The twin paradox


This video was taken from New Scientist