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Learning PHP – Step 2

Following my previous post I’m now preparing an environment to develop in PHP.

1) Install XAMPP – There are other alternatives, but this one, after some research was my choice. Why? Because in the future I’m thinking developing some skills in Perl and with XAMPP it’s a 2 in 1! (Besides mysql included!)

2) IDE – I’m trying Netbeans 7.1. There are a lot others IDEs out there like: komodo, phpstorm, phpide, aptana, eclipse, phpdesigner. My choice probably it’s not the best one, but I develop in Visual Studio and Eclipse and as a Oracle trainer, sometimes I have to use Netbeans. I will try it, if the experience gets troubled I will change to another and keep this learning. I think, anyway, the experience will be always positive.

I’m now following the steps to create a project in Netbeans…

  • New Project PHP
  • Advantage – Netbeans detected my xampp instalation and discovered where to put the php files.
  • Project name: LearningPHP (in my drive sits at: D:\xampp\htdocs\LearningPHP)
  • Local Web Site
  • Project URL: http://localhost:8001/LearningPHP/
  • I will not use any PHP framework… maybe in a future post I’ll try one besides WordPress.

After the wizard I have the file below already created:

index.php (the first file in any web tech is always index.

                // put your code here


Now I will change the Title and put some basic code inside the

        Learning PHP – Step 2
                 echo "My second step to learn php!";


Let’s run it (In Netbeans just hit the “play”!

PS: Make sure xampp is running and the port it’s the correct one. In my example the url is: http://localhost:8001/LearningPHP/index.php


and the result, as expected, it’s the browser output:

My second step to learn php!


Now, I have an environment to run php and a first “hello word” example.

Next post: The usual language basics of php!