Kindle for iPad

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I have a lot of printed books, they give me a sense of “paid for something that I really have”. However, I have great technical books, great because their content and great because they are big, with lots of interesting pages. So, what’s the issue here? Carrying books every day in paper its heavy, I can’t put them in my pocket, everyone knows what I’m reading at work, in the train, subway, etc., probably at the end of the day I will let the book on my desk at work, at middle of the day I will remember that at home I have a book that could be very useful at my job.. But it is at my home… well… the ideal was carrying all with me but without the volume!

kindleAgainst my will, at first, I tried to buy digital books. I have an iPad and an iPhone too, which I carry with me most of the time. My books are all inside these too gadgets! Well, they are at Amazon cloud, but I have an offline copy in them. So, when I’m going to work I can choose any book to read, or when at work I can consult any of them. I carry all the books I have, but without the heavy and volume issues!

So, why Kindle? Well, you can buy or rent books. The reading it’s great. You can have your book in 5 different places. Kindle remembers the where you stopped reading and allows you to continue later in any device! It’s very easy to buy a book at and after some seconds the books it’s in your iPad (well, could be a financial problem so much easiness!).

I still miss, sometimes, the feeling of the paper in my hands, but the advantages of having in digital format allied with my computer science job, it’s a tradeoff I’m glad to have done.