Code Kata: Translate a decimal text to roman

A code kata is a an exercise of coding where the objective is to use simple requirements to train the coding and testing skills.You can use it to train brainstorming and analysis within the team as well.

The subjacent idea is to use the martial arts concept of kata to coding, where repetition leads to perfection.

A few tips:

  • Try to fit the analysis, coding and testing within a small range of time, like 2 hours or less.
  • Remember if it takes too long or demands a big effort, there will be no motivation to repeat it in another session.
  • Most of the exercises exist to train the TDD methodology.
  • You can find several exercises in the internet for your use, or just invent one yourself.

Translate a decimal text to roman

Imagine you have a text, or a list of texts, such as the one below, with words and numbers.
(or just write a text with words and numbers):

You want to replace all the decimal numbers with roman numbers

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Have a nice session!


If you implement this kata and you publish it in the internet, be kind a refer to this article. 😃

The text used in the exercise was extracted from a text file I have found in the internet. There is no special meaning to consider.