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50 Powerful Statistics About Tech Mega Trends Affecting Every Business

Great Slideshare presentation about present and future mega trends. Contains very useful statistics if you want to understand the future of technology, and above that, now we live in a merged technology social life, so the trend of the technology is the trend of the society.

Social Networks

Do you care about your professional image online?

The Big Brother is WE

You cannot ignore the importance of your presence online. If you are someone trying to find a job, you must be prepared to be “investigated” online even before you arrive for an interview. (I did this as a Team Leader, when I had to analyze someone new to my team, it was a curiosity I had to know who the person was before meeting her/him in real).

The social networking sites have different expected behavior profiles, and so, show different aspects of your life, wills, likes, etc., even the “lie”ones!



When someone tries to find you on Facebook, will expect to find private stuff, political preferences, holiday places, friends you have, photos of your personal life, family and friends’ conversations, everything about your private and social life. So, that person will infer some kind of “private” personality about you after observing your Facebook history.


Everytime I look at a LinkedIn Profile I am trying to know more about the professional details of someone. I don’t expect to find private details that not improve the professional reputation of that the person. You can write whatever you want, but your potential customers, companies and bosses are all there!


It’s a Social Network that can be used like Facebook or in a more professional way. You have control of circles of connections, so you can choose who is friend or just a professional connection, so you can choose what kind of information you want to expose in a private or professional way. I think Google will use the information in his network and relate them with searches, so… be careful.


Well, it’s about video! You can show your jokes, parties, games, music, covers, etc., you can use it in a more professional way, and create video presentations like a Visual CV where you present yourself, a training session, or great tutorials to improve your professional status online, and share in LinkedIn or your own website!


I see Twitter as a way to ping to a group of persons saying ‘I am social alive and I want you to know about it’. You can use it to say that you are following an important subject in the internet related or not with your job or professional interests. Or you can use it to share messages with your friends, starting gossips, etc. You can use it to organize great discussions around a subject, there are several Twitter Chats you can participate in the internet!


An image its more important than 1000 words! Be careful with the image you want to pass about yourself when you choose an image.


Digital photos are each day with more realistic features and lots of Megapixels, but then you take a big modern photo and transform it in an old photo and post it in the Instagram. Very popular, be careful with the message and the people!


Final thoughts

There are a lot of social networking sites, and in the future probably a lot more. The Big Brother are US everywhere, The most important thing and advice I can give you is:

Just share online only what you think anyone can know, anything you post more than this, you will probably regret in the future! 

Which social network you elect as the most important to your life/business?

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Video about Science Of Persuasion


If you are a team leader, project manager, negotiator you must understand how to apply these principles. This theory could be applied to any area, but in the world wide IT management it’s a must, for instance if you are a  developer and  you are overloaded and need to persuade a project manager or business manager, or even someone needing for a promotion, making a presentation… well, if you need a YES to something, learn these skills, learn to apply them to your situation and the probability of your success will increase too! Be wise!


Animation describing the Universal Principles of Persuasion based on the research of Dr. Robert Cialdini, Professor Emeritus of Psychology and Marketing, Arizona State University.

WordPress Cache, Hyper Cache, Super Cache, W3 Total Cache

One of these days a customer asked me to improve the performance of his wordpress website. The first thing I’ve done was to measure the actual performance of the site. For that I started to search for firefox and chrome addons. I’ve already knew a few, bur after some googling I found that the usual suspects were enough: Firebug with YSlow and Google Speed Tracer. There were anothers but I couldnt find any reason to use them.

So my first metrics of the web site from the YSlow:

1) Homepage on first call without cache retrieves to client about 1800Kb
2) After first call, the most part of webpage elements stay on browser local cache, like 700Kb of images, 500 of Javascript and CSS and the rest was Html. So, to the client just comes 120Kb. Not bad at all! But not the 100Kb recomended pratice.

So, I want to reduce below the 100kb, and who knows the 1800Kb too, How?
I started to search for a wordpress cache plugin to compress (using http compression, which was one of the recomendations from the performance analysis tools) html, javascript, css. I want the website to respond faster instead of always using the access to the wordpress database to retrieve the same content (the posts arent always changing!). Besides these reasons, its helps for google SEO/rank faster webpage retievals. I found 3 plugins:

  • W3 Total Cache
  • Super Cache
  • Hyper Cache

Apparently the best one was suppose to be W3 Total Cache. Great reviews, very popular, but wih one biggest problem, doesnt work well in WordPress 3.4.x, just works until 3.2.x. Unfortunelly I had to put it aside.
So I had to find which one of the others I will choose.
Both are very similar, but after some search, reading, analysis of performance with cpu and memory charts the Hyper Cache was found the best, more lighty, works great in WordPress 3.4.x and its realy very easy to use, I just had to define Cache on wp-config.php.

So I’ve installed the Hyper Cache Plugin and tested the website performance and the quantity of kbytes transfered to the browser. Well, at first, the length was the same, but after reading the Hyper Cache Help I discovered that when I am logged as wordpress admin, the Hyper Cache its disabled, so any test will be with no use or conclusion. So I started a session with another browser without any website cookies for the site I was using the Cache and at the first test, even the 120Kbytes was reduced to 80Kbytes, and the 1800kb reduced at first attempt to 1600Kbytes (images are images, the wordpress cache cant do anything about it).

I hope this experience can help anyone struggling with ways to improve the wordpress performance in wordpress version 3.4.x.