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50 Powerful Statistics About Tech Mega Trends Affecting Every Business

Great Slideshare presentation about present and future mega trends. Contains very useful statistics if you want to understand the future of technology, and above that, now we live in a merged technology social life, so the trend of the technology is the trend of the society.

Social Networks

Do you care about your professional image online?

The Big Brother is WE

You cannot ignore the importance of your presence online. If you are someone trying to find a job, you must be prepared to be “investigated” online even before you arrive for an interview. (I did this as a Team Leader, when I had to analyze someone new to my team, it was a curiosity I had to know who the person was before meeting her/him in real).

The social networking sites have different expected behavior profiles, and so, show different aspects of your life, wills, likes, etc., even the “lie”ones!



When someone tries to find you on Facebook, will expect to find private stuff, political preferences, holiday places, friends you have, photos of your personal life, family and friends’ conversations, everything about your private and social life. So, that person will infer some kind of “private” personality about you after observing your Facebook history.


Everytime I look at a LinkedIn Profile I am trying to know more about the professional details of someone. I don’t expect to find private details that not improve the professional reputation of that the person. You can write whatever you want, but your potential customers, companies and bosses are all there!


It’s a Social Network that can be used like Facebook or in a more professional way. You have control of circles of connections, so you can choose who is friend or just a professional connection, so you can choose what kind of information you want to expose in a private or professional way. I think Google will use the information in his network and relate them with searches, so… be careful.


Well, it’s about video! You can show your jokes, parties, games, music, covers, etc., you can use it in a more professional way, and create video presentations like a Visual CV where you present yourself, a training session, or great tutorials to improve your professional status online, and share in LinkedIn or your own website!


I see Twitter as a way to ping to a group of persons saying ‘I am social alive and I want you to know about it’. You can use it to say that you are following an important subject in the internet related or not with your job or professional interests. Or you can use it to share messages with your friends, starting gossips, etc. You can use it to organize great discussions around a subject, there are several Twitter Chats you can participate in the internet!


An image its more important than 1000 words! Be careful with the image you want to pass about yourself when you choose an image.


Digital photos are each day with more realistic features and lots of Megapixels, but then you take a big modern photo and transform it in an old photo and post it in the Instagram. Very popular, be careful with the message and the people!


Final thoughts

There are a lot of social networking sites, and in the future probably a lot more. The Big Brother are US everywhere, The most important thing and advice I can give you is:

Just share online only what you think anyone can know, anything you post more than this, you will probably regret in the future! 

Which social network you elect as the most important to your life/business?

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Evernote vs OneNote

Evernote vs OneNote


As an IT Enterprise professional I am always trying to find the perfect tool to help me with my daily tasks. I have tried a lot of them, and it comes always to these 2: Evernote and OneNote.

This review its not about which one its the best (I will let you decide that), but as a professional I will tell you how I feel about using each of their features.



First a list of Pros and Cons with the most important features




  • Great community around it, with several products and The Trunk
  • Cloud service with apps in the major platforms, desktop, mobile and tablets.
  • Free apps and applications for windows and Mac
  • Free cloud service if you don’t use more than 60MB/month.
  • Add-ons for browsers
  • Tags management. Very easy to associate to notes and very easy to use them in searching.
  • Geo Notes, if that’s important to you
  • The search feature its very good
  • Collaboration (at least in the Mac)
  • Online editor
  • Related Notes
  • Attach Multimedia files to notes
  • Reminders
  • Share with social networks
  • The applications are free.


  • The notes editor could be better. I don’t like the way the tables are created, and most of the times the bullets creation follows a strange behavior after some clicking in Enter and DEL.
  • In Windows the desktop version uses to many space with information about the notes. Ok, its possible to hide it, but then I will have to open and close to find what I want. (I accept some comments here! Its my UI feel, not a problem.)
  • The “list of notes” doesn’t fit well with my expectations. It doesn’t help me find a note with a simple view., I will always have to use the search.
  • Its only about single notes. You cannot create sections, or sub notes or some kind of marks inside a note.
  • The note follows the pattern of a text editor (like WordPad), you cannot write in any place like a real notebook.
  • Ink Notes just in desktop and the note must be or Ink or Text, you cannot have both at same time in the same note.



  • Integrates very well in the Microsoft Office family products
  • Cloud service using SkyDrive.
  • Apps for Windows desktop, Windows 8 tablet, iOS and Android
  • The limit online its the limit of SkyDrive (starting from 7GB)
  • Search its very good
  • Search with tags its great (although I think the tags management could be much more improved, here I like Evernote system)
  • Great collaboration. I tried to use OneNote online and at same time using in my tablet and the experience was as expected)
  • Online editor its great, very similar to the desktop edition but with some constraints (well, its online)
  • The desktop editor is a pearl. You write anywhere, how you want it, like writing in a sheet of paper. (if you have a surface you can use it like a paper using the stylus). Great handling of tables. You can integrate, convert or use Excel tables in OneNote.
  • Integrates with Outlook and Excel. The editor has almost all the tools you find in the Microsoft Word.
  • You can integrate multimedia files along the note.
  • You can have Ink and text in the same note. Great to take annotations.
  • The online application its free if you have a SkyDrive account.
  • The price of the final product its not expensive if you consider a one time buy. (The OneNote Metro application its free)
  • You don’t have the concept of a note. You take notes like if you have a notebook. (could be a pro or not, depending of your taste)



  • The handling of the tags needs a rebuild. Its a menu with a lot of tags already developed. You can create new ones, but its not easy to manage them like in Evernote.
  • You have to buy the desktop version.
  • The mobile apps they have a limit of notes before you have to pay them, unless you have an Office 365 subscription.
  • Its note a very single simple note system, you start with a Notebook with a section and page, not a note like Evernote. Although you can create a notebook for very simple notes or use OneNote’s single notes system.


I have switched a lot of times between these 2 great notebook applications. When I want to take fast notes, save links, create list for shopping, simple to-do, or a lot of integration with third party apps in the mobile eco system, Evernote its first choice that comes to my mind. But if you work in a professional environment, and you have a lot of notes in some subject, and the concept of sections, sub notes its more intuitive for you, I think OneNote shines here.

Evernote its great sharing the notes between all the devices and very good to organize them with tags and Notebooks, but the notes are simple boxes of isolated information contained inside notebooks and associated with tags. Its about single notes, not books of information.

OneNote its great organizing information for enterprise or scholar environments. The notes are not isolated blocks of text, they belong to a section/sections inside a notebook. It works like a tree (or a notebook with bookmarks) in your mind. If you want the project X Notebook, with sections and sub-pages, where all is organized like in one place and very easy to find, the OneNote its for you!

Now I am using OneNote, because most of my time its working in IT Project, and I want that each project or company be in a Notebook, and inside it I divide by sections like configuration, applications, issues, daily log, etc., its very easy to find the information without using the tags (I just use them for TODOs and reminders). The editor its a joy and I can use my stylus in the windows surface, which mix very well with the text.

However, sometimes I miss the simplicity of Evernote. Its very easy to take a note in any device and find it using the notebook and tagging. But I will miss the great text editing capabilities of OneNote.

My advice:

– Evernote its about getting notes, tagging them well and then searching, it gives you a lot of notes managing/organizing freedom. There are a lot of third party apps integrated with Evernote. You can, for instance, do a scan and send the photo to the Evernote from an iPhone.

– OneNote its about notebooks and organize them by project, company or class/course or something similar. Its like having real notebooks. Its great for project enterprise environments. (Did I mention the great text editor?)

Java Infinite Loop

An Infinite loop in Java, but not to everyone!

One of the things, after all these years, that keeps me fascinated about coding, it’s finding curiosities in a few lines of code that make me think for a while!

public class JavaPearls {

    public static void main(String… args){

        Integer a = new Integer(10);

        Integer b = new Integer(10);

        for(;a<=b && b <= a && a != b;)




Great Technical Books I have read in the last months

transferirAs a software architect I must have a broad knowledge of several subjects so I can have several tools in my brain to create the better solutions with the right tools. I’ve read (and still reading!) a lot of books, so this post will show some of my last readings with some comment on each of the books.

In future posts I will show other interesting books, sometimes not directly related with software but they gave me another way of thinking about systems, patterns and algorithms that helped me to be a better professional, as a technician and leader whenever necessary.

Hope it can be helpful to your tech and soft improvement in the software industry.

If you know others books you have read who can enrich my knowledge, I will appreciate your comment!

How many methods you have in your classes with: Logging, transaction, validation, exception management? How about remove the code from those methods, write it in another class(es) and add just attributes (or java annotations) and surprise! Your code its so much cleaned! This book has improved the quality of my code, architecture and thinking about applications!
Dependency Injection its about building great software architectures. Its about building software like a house, its about decoupling and loosely couple. Its about building testable software, its about software with quality.
A great book about NoSql! Not too deep, but with the enough information to understand the NoSql world. Even with years in database systems I’ve learned new ways of thinking in this book.
The reference for programming windows, now for windows 8. You can’t go wrong with this book.
You want to know about SCRUM, agile and how it works, this is a very good book to start.
Best book for android development.
I know C, C# and C++. With this book from these guys, I added Objective C to the Cs languages list!
Great book about iOS development. Starts from the basis and then develops some applications and of course your knowledge.