So you think you are a Senior…


– A senior takes the responsibility to find the best technical solution.

– A senior knows the juniors of his team, their limitations and their strengths.

– A senior is proactive.

– A senior knows the business impact of his technical decisions.

– A senior knows that the best solution is not always possible, and knows how to make trade-offs.

– A senior knows that bugs will occur, regardless of his programming skills or of their juniors.

– A senior understands that what matters is the customer expectation, not the quality of the algorithms.

– A senior knows that the success of the project is related to the expectation of the customer and not only according to specification.

– A senior is multilingual, speaking several languages: commercial, technical, professional, end user, other.

– A senior knows when to apply the appropriate language.

– A senior is almost a project manager.

– A senior is almost an architect.

– A senior is almost a sales person.

– A senior is paid to be guilty.

– A senior knows that his job is a transition from juniors to an architect, or commercial, or project manager, or business developer, or manager, or whatever.

– A senior knows that his position its the starting point of the “the rest of his professional life.”

– A senior, sometimes, would like to return to his junior times.

– A senior is a leader.

– A senior must have a balance between hard and soft-skills.

– A senior is always learning.

– The responsibility of a senior is to be responsible for everything!