Gamification in the family

One of these days I went out to lunch with my family. My daughter does not like to eat, it is complicated to sit an entire meal just to eat. But there’s something she likes, games, play them on my wife’s iPad, on my iPhone, Laptop, etc.. Why not apply gamification with my daughter, since I am a gamification evangelist? She was eating steak with chips and a juice that she likes a lot. The juice was already halfway. So I proposed the following game: For every 5 chips and 3 pieces of steak she could drink a sip of juice. It worked, ate almost everything!
The meat and potatoes were the points, my daughter was the player whose behavior I wanted to change, the juice was the package of rewards!
One of these days I’ll play another … several meals completed, and give her a “Badge” (probably a Winx doll or other toy that she can show to her friends as a prize!)