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One of these days a customer asked me to improve the performance of his wordpress website. The first thing I’ve done was to measure the actual performance of the site. For that I started to search for firefox and chrome addons. I’ve already knew a few, bur after some googling I found that the usual suspects were enough: Firebug with YSlow and Google Speed Tracer. There were anothers but I couldnt find any reason to use them.

So my first metrics of the web site from the YSlow:

1) Homepage on first call without cache retrieves to client about 1800Kb
2) After first call, the most part of webpage elements stay on browser local cache, like 700Kb of images, 500 of Javascript and CSS and the rest was Html. So, to the client just comes 120Kb. Not bad at all! But not the 100Kb recomended pratice.

So, I want to reduce below the 100kb, and who knows the 1800Kb too, How?
I started to search for a wordpress cache plugin to compress (using http compression, which was one of the recomendations from the performance analysis tools) html, javascript, css. I want the website to respond faster instead of always using the access to the wordpress database to retrieve the same content (the posts arent always changing!). Besides these reasons, its helps for google SEO/rank faster webpage retievals. I found 3 plugins:

  • W3 Total Cache
  • Super Cache
  • Hyper Cache

Apparently the best one was suppose to be W3 Total Cache. Great reviews, very popular, but wih one biggest problem, doesnt work well in WordPress 3.4.x, just works until 3.2.x. Unfortunelly I had to put it aside.
So I had to find which one of the others I will choose.
Both are very similar, but after some search, reading, analysis of performance with cpu and memory charts the Hyper Cache was found the best, more lighty, works great in WordPress 3.4.x and its realy very easy to use, I just had to define Cache on wp-config.php.

So I’ve installed the Hyper Cache Plugin and tested the website performance and the quantity of kbytes transfered to the browser. Well, at first, the length was the same, but after reading the Hyper Cache Help I discovered that when I am logged as wordpress admin, the Hyper Cache its disabled, so any test will be with no use or conclusion. So I started a session with another browser without any website cookies for the site I was using the Cache and at the first test, even the 120Kbytes was reduced to 80Kbytes, and the 1800kb reduced at first attempt to 1600Kbytes (images are images, the wordpress cache cant do anything about it).

I hope this experience can help anyone struggling with ways to improve the wordpress performance in wordpress version 3.4.x.


  1. W3TC works just fine with WordPress 3.4.x, happy to help if you need a hand getting it dialed in.

  2. josedacruz says:

    From the search I did, I found some users with some trouble after upgrading to wordpress 3.4.x. But, I can try to install W3TC in another wordpress 3.4.x and see if works out of the box (its very popular and with great reviews I really would like to try it).
    Willie, thanks for hint!

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