Error starting jBoss inside eclipse

You install jBoss 7. Unzip it to a folder like d:\jboss.

Now install jboss tools 3.3 for eclipse indigo.

When you start the jboss from eclipse (servers tab) you get an error. The console in eclipse doesn’t show any log activity and jboss doesn’t start.

After some research you discover that eclipse cant “talk” with jboss. You can confirm this by reading jboss logs.

You start jboss with standalone.bat and it works.

I got this problem in our dev team, and after some research around I found this solution. It was so simple and at the same time one of that problems that make us thinking about changing to other version or product that I thought it was a good idea to share it.

Possible solution:

1) Go to runtime environment in eclipse options and add jdk runtime environment. Not jre.

2) Make sure that you remove the JRE probably already installed and configured  from eclipse. (really! Remove it from eclipse and just let the jdk as an environment).

3) Now, start jboss from the tab servers. It must work by now.


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